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Here is how I lost weight… slowly!

But you can also do it fast by adding all natural herbal supplements to how I did it…

LOSE WEIGHT FAST OR SLOW… choose your method to lose 10, 20, 50, 70, even 100 pounds or more! If you need a change, and to shed some extra pounds fast, you must read this!

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Healthy weight loss is finally here, without surgery, permanent pill popping, risky drugs, or constant hunger pangs. I will show you how to lose fat quickly and tailored to your situation! For me, I lost the weight slowly… but here is my secret for faster weight loss… it includes 3 things.

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Just a note… Fast weight loss will now be in your control, along with free advice by people who have done it before; even I lost 92 pounds! Based on scientific studies and tried-and-true methods, it doesn’t matter what body size or shape or gender you are, or even if you use products like Hoodia or not (we do not sell this)… You Can and Will Lose Weight with our natural weight loss program—Guaranteed!

These make-sense goals to serious weight loss, along with super supplements and special secrets that can triple the speed of your weight loss, are all you need to succeed!

Now to my story…

lose weight for health
Healthy weight loss

Dear friend,

Are you like I was… sick and tired of being fat? Do you lack energy? Do you have trouble doing physical activities that others find easy? Do you hate being hungry all of the time? Do you need a change, or a kick-start into a new body and new you? Well there is great news—you can lose weight fast and keep it off! I will tell you how I did it.

I lost 92 pounds using these methods I am about to share with you, and I did it naturally and have kept the weight off permanently, WITHOUT lap band, gastric bypass, or other weight loss surgery, prescription drugs, ephedra (Ma Huang), Hoodia, constant hunger, or ending up with tons of loose skin.

I was a “Big Fat Pig”

big fat pig
Sharon at 240 lbs

That’s what someone called me to my face, a “Big Fat Pig.” I understand the inner pain of being looked down upon or called names because of being overweight. I am naturally pear-shaped, so was all butt!

You may have feelings of conflict about how hard it might be to lose a lot of weight—a seemingly daunting task! I once felt this way, yet did not know where to start. I didn’t either.

I was in a bad state of affairs with my health and my weight for well over a decade. I am 5’-4” tall and my doctor weighed me in at 240 pounds, and I remember being called a “Big Fat Pig” by someone who I thought loved me because I was so obese (and it hurt me deeply… because I knew it was true!).

At this point in my life my body was starting to fall apart; I had these health issues:

  • A BMI (Body Mass Index) of 41 (30 or greater is considered OBESE)
  • Prediabetes (do not deceive yourself—this is actually early-stage diabetes!)
  • GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • I had gallbladder surgery (a form of liver disease, but removing your gallbladder does NOT mean you are gallstone-free)
  • Serious lower back pain, sciatica (pinched nerve that shoots down your legs), and lordosis (severe sway back) due to an old injury in which my obesity compounded the problem tremendously!

Bending over or even walking or standing was painful and sometimes debilitating. Even the mere thought of exercise was sheer pain. I knew I had to lose weight, but how?

I felt helpless because I stayed SO HUNGRY all of the time! There I was… a Big Fat Pig… and I remember how desperate I felt about thinking I was starving constantly because the hunger pangs were severe.

I was told, “You are just going to have to get over the fact that you will be hungry in order to lose weight.”

I literally cried because the cravings were overwhelming!

cry baby

I didn’t understand at the time about insulin resistance, or that I was prediabetic or that my blood sugar levels and dark band around my waist and armpits were signs of such, and affected hunger tremendously.

Being hungry was painful, and I was already in too much pain. Not only physical pain, but emotional pain. I was fighting chronic depression and having anxiety attacks and arrhythmia, and was on prescription medications for those problems. I sought counseling for my issues and to help me lose weight, but it went nowhere.

Exercise seemed out of the question because even walking hurt, and jumping around in vigorous exercise was impossible. Furthermore, my job was at a desk all day, and I sat on my big fat bum and watched a lot of television and movies at home, so I led a highly sedentary life.

I had EVERY excuse in the book as to why I could not do lose weight or get healthy! My motto was “I want to… but I can’t because…(fill in the blank).” Does this sound familiar to you?

I am pear-shaped woman and was in my mid-to-late 30’s at that time, and had a notoriously slow metabolism all of my life, including poor circulation as I almost always felt cold or had cold hands and feet. I suspected I had a sluggish thyroid, but tests were either positive or negative and did not have results in the “sluggish” category.

My cholesterol was always borderline or high, my blood sugar too high (insulin resistance causes hunger to increase exponentially), and the food cravings made me want to eat carbs, which I did… it was a vicious cycle!

Everything about my eating habits and lifestyle was wrong!

I had three kids and had never lost the weight after they were born. Years had gone by and we did not have a lot of money so ate poorly–lots of pasta and potatoes and boxed foods, including Ramen noodles and processed cheese!

How do you lose baby weight even after you can no longer use pregnancy or birth as an excuse?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning so losing my first 20 pounds was the hardest, and I cannot even remember how long it took me to do it. I was hungry all the time, and it went really slowly.

I remember taking weight loss supplements that barely—if at all—seemed to work. I even tried a patented thermogenic fat burning coffee that would supposedly boost your metabolism, but I actually gained weight on that product!

Have you ever felt frantic? I was feeling that way, and I started looking into more extreme options such as bariatric surgery, specifically the lap band surgery. I had two friends who had done it, so I decided I would watch them and see how well (or not) it worked.

So often I heard these ladies talk about having to go in for adjustments to the band, and how they knew people who had lost a hundred or even a few hundred pounds, and then gained it all back!

Yes, you heard that—they gained all the weight back after lap band surgery! Not to mention all the stomach problems associated with re-stretching out their then-tiny stomachs, or the health issues associated with these procedures.

This weight gain after weight loss surgery happened to a personal friend of mine, except on purpose. She said she felt sick (and she looked ill—in fact, I did not even recognize her when I saw her!) from having lost so much weight due to the gastric surgery, and so gained a chunk of it back to look and feel “healhy” again.

After I figured out that surgery was a temporary fix (that came with a plethora of its own side effects and issues) and did not solve the root problem, I knew that there was no way I could do it—surgery was NOT FOR ME!

I knew that what I needed to do had to be permanent, because if I was going to spend this much effort losing the weight, I surely did not want it back!

I was not about to spend thousands of dollars on a surgery so I could ruin what little health I had left by altering my body so severely, especially if it did not work long term. I had to find another way; and I did.

But it would be another loss of 20 pounds using a specific fat blocking weight loss supplement before I figured out the THREE KEYS to healthy and permanent weight loss… as well as secrets and patterns to speeding up the process. I can share these secrets with you!

How I Lost the Last 52 Pounds – The Three Things

I had done it all… fad diets, the negative calorie diet, Atkins (which I did not do too long because the meat fat bothered my gallstone/liver issues), and all kinds of weight loss supplements, even carb blockers and fat blockers. Nothing much worked, and if it did, it was slow.

I admit though, I was not sure that I could have lost those first 40 pounds without the supplements (today I have supplements that WORK FAR BETTER, which I will tell you about shortly), or the continued effort to keep trying new things. I gave up often, then started again, and “cheated” a lot in between dieting. I was sick of diets; I needed real and serious change.

When I knew I needed to lose weight the “old fashioned way” (and was okay with that), I figured out THREE THINGS had to happen if I was going to melt away the pounds and keep it off permanently, as well as repair my health that had been waning.

These three little weight loss tips actually made more of a difference than anything else I had tried, yet they were incredibly simple, and straight out of Common Sense Weight Loss 101 (I said that tongue-in-cheek, but I have actually developed a weight loss program with that name because it is so fitting!) for people who actually succeed at losing weight for good!

These are the THREE THINGS that I did:

  • I ate healthier (this reduced cravings since my body was receiving the nutrition it required)
  • I ate less (easier since I ate small amounts more frequently)
  • I walked more (I started off with just walking around the block once a day)

Of course, that was the foundation, but it was all the little tweaks and enlightened tricks and tips that I used that really made the difference on losing that fat, permanently! I can share those with you later…all of them!

One of these tips was to take supplements. Not only a multi-vitamin for health (you can get these at any local store), but also herbal and natural supplements that are safe—tried and true ingredients that WORK, but in a formula that makes them the top complex available. I now have exclusive rights to just such a formula to sell as my own brand of weight loss supplements.

What happened when I started taking weight loss supplements myself?

The weight started falling off!

lose belly fat
Sharon at 163 lbs

As my weight was reduced, so was the pressure and mobility issues within my back, which helped reduce the pain levels tremendously, allowing me to do more, walk faster, and even skip once in a while (for about 25 feet) like I used to love doing as a child… this was very exciting and empowering! This included the gradual disappearance of the prediabetic condition I had, which was managed through what I ate, which the symptoms of eventually disappeared.

I had finally struck on the secrets to super fast weight loss and can teach you these when you grab up the next solution in what I’m about to offer you. I discovered that WORKED not only for others I spoke with, but also for me… I lost seven pounds in one week, and had lost 10 pounds by middle of the second week without any exercise!

But I have something even better than that now…

I Found a Product that Burns Fat AND Suppresses Hunger

Had I known then what I know now—that these products I found can be tailored to your specific needs, as well as your diet plan—I would have kept up that pace of super fast extreme weight loss way back when I first needed it!

Since then I have identified these and other ingredients, which are included in a formula as a special weight loss blend that I named Lose Weight Fast. This complex can literally melt away up to 10 or even 20 pounds in several weeks time without dieting.

If you add in a healthy diet and some exercise it is possible to double or even triple your weight loss!

weight loss supplement
Benefits of weight loss supplement

The product works based on a couple of main things… not only by burning fat by thermogenically increasing your metabolism, but also by suppressing hunger. This is a double-duty supplement. And this is only the beginning. We have other natural ingredients that provide other features, such as diuretic benefits that help flush and cleanse the system for the cut, lean look.

Our Lose Weight Fast weight loss supplement incorporates one of the “THREE THINGS” (mentioned above) automatically within it—to Eat Less—because by curbing the hunger it pushes a reduced calorie intake, and coupled with the fat burning there is no way that the weight will not just fall away in a shorter amount of time than by simply dieting alone.

This has totally worked for me, and I am now incredibly excited to share this new product with you!

This Lose Weight Fast complex (plus the tips and secrets I have been talking about) is a special formulation designed to do all of this for you:

  • Lose up to 20 pounds of fat and flab without dieting
  • Effortless removal of stubborn belly fat
  • No need to count calories
  • Is natural and safe
  • Has ingredients proven to work (has withstood the test of time, and human clinical trials)
  • No side effects or harmful stimulants (Ma Huang/Ephedra free)
  • No irritability or nervousness (easily tailored to suit your system)
  • Includes phenomenal appetite suppressant!
  • Includes a fat burning marvel!

PLUS, you get the:

  • Potential of doubling your weight loss via diet (our diet program that you can tailor for yourself)—allows you to eat 5-6 meals a day plus snacks—delicious satiating meals full of nutrition.
  • Potential of tripling your weight loss in the same amount of time via adding in proper exercise (we will explain when you get the product—and it does not require strenuous exercise!).

Who has used these ingredients that are included in this special formula to Lose Weight Fast?

weight loss supplement
Lose Weight Fast capsules

So here it is… this is the pinnacle of the weight loss plan that can share with you.

made in usa  guarantee

I have the Lose Weight Fast supplements, with the special formula that is now my own brand (through my company, Dragonfly Essential Products), carefully bottled and sealed by the lab, and can be delivered to you, and I am going to give you FREE SHIPPING!

(regular price $60.95)

But even better…

I’ve decided to promote this special price over the next several weeks where I am including not only the Lose Weight Fast supplements, which are designed to burn away fat plus reduce hunger, but I also have some bonuses I’m throwing in for you today.

I’m also going to answer some questions that you may have right now, and give you some of the secrets (I mentioned earlier) to how I lost so much weight.

How Does this Work? Will I Really Lose Weight Fast?

You may be asking things like:

How do the THREE THINGS mentioned above really work—isn’t that too simple?

Well yes, it is. Eating healthy, eating less, and exercising more is absolutely true, but it does seems a bit simplistic. So when you order a single bottle or more today I’ll insert an explanation of just what that really means, as well as some of the tips and hints to make this work for you in your particular situation.

lost 92 lbs
Sharon at 148 lbs

Remember that this is not a crash diet, it is a way of living… finding changes and making those changes for weight loss that lasts so that the weight is not put back on again! I can tell you later what kind of changes those need to be, and how to recognize when you need to change something in order to keep the pounds shedding right off your body, or even to maintain your weight once you’ve reached your goal weight.

So why am I selling supplements if all I have to do is eat healthier, eat less, and exercise more? This one is a no-brainer… because these supplements WORK, big time! I cannot even begin to contain my excitement about this product! I didn’t name my product Lose Weight Fast for nothing!

(click the image below to see the full size BENEFITS CHART)

lose weight fast
Benefits of Lose Weight Fast

The ingredients have been time tested and have human clinical trials with favorable results for many of our ingredients, and there is no doubt in my mind that taking these incredible fat burning ingredients, along with reduced hunger and better eating, that you WILL lose the weight you want!

In fact, I GUARANTEE that you will lose the weight! And fast!

(click on the label image below to see ingredients)

lose weight fast
Label for Lose Weight Fast

$35.95 for a bottle of 80 capsules
(regular price $60.95)

What else can I get for the price of just buying the one-month-supply of supplement? I can tell you this… along with the fat-burning-and-appetite-suppressant Lose Weight Fast product that I will send you, I will also send you these two bonuses:BONUS 1: I will discuss the THREE THINGS that aid in positive and lasting weight loss in full detail, making it easier for you to jump in and start losing weight immediately! I will include this when you receive your first order.BONUS 2: I will also cover some of the best secrets to creating a diet plan that works for you, along with meals and snack suggestions, which you can tailor to your needs, depending on your age, weight, gender, lifestyle, and so on. I will include this in the package when your supplements arrive.

$35.95! BUY NOW!

I am so pumped about my Lose Weight Fast product that I just know these top weight loss ingredients will work for you, like it did for me! I am so confident of these natural supplements that I will even back it up with a 100% GUARANTEE that you can be completely satisfied or else you can simply call me and get YOUR MONEY BACK! I’ll even refund your shipping costs if you are not 100% satisfied!

guaranteed to lose weightmoney back

It is that simple… either it works for you, or you can get your money returned, no questions asked! I believe in my product that much! I know, once you try it, you will too!

Remember that this deal is only happening for a few weeks from the time I started it, and it won’t last long at this price. We only have 50 bottles left at this price, and we are marketing all over the United States, so these products are going fast!

FREE SHIPPING – BUY NOW before they are all gone!


Hopefully you will get your order in before we run out of stock entirely, and everything goes on back order at the regular price. You don’t want to be without your super fat-burning and appetite suppressant supplements that work to help you shed that weight once and for all!

Thank you in advance for your interest and I know you will succeed in your weight loss endeavors to change your future and your life!

Sharon Buydens
Dragonfly Essential Products, LLC

P.S. – You can buy the product at our website at (we accept major credit cards/Paypal).

P.P.S. – Another way to reach us directly via by emailing me directly at

Lose Weight Fast

$35.95 for a bottle of 80 capsules
(regular price $60.95)

- You must be 18 years old or over to order or use this product.- If you have diabetes, are pregnant or nursing, or have any other disease or health issue requiring you to be on prescription medications be sure to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
– This product has ingredients (such as Garcinia Cambogia) that are promoted by Dr. Oz, but they are not FDA approved (the ingredients are considered safe by the FDA).
– This product is ephedra free, and Ma Huang free.Copyright 2015 Dragonfly Essential Products

sharon buydens
Selfie of Sharon Oct 1, 2015
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