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Part 1: How to Change Bad Habits, by Substitution – SELF-TALK

Do you need to change bad habits? Create new ones? Our flaws and weaknesses can include a host of problems in our lives because we seem to fall back into old grooves that keep us running on the same tracks, over and over, and over again. In order to change bad habits into good ones, try using the concept of substitution!

First of all, we must watch our linguistics—the words we say to ourselves in self-talk. “I’m fat,” or “I hate that about myself,” or “I don’t like it,” or the infamous one, “I can’t,” are all self-defeating terms that can reinforce habitual behaviors. In order to change bad habits we must all recognize that we do it, and then catch ourselves when it happens, and begin saying things like, “I’m beautiful,” or “I am changing that about myself RIGHT NOW,” or “I can get over it,” or “I CAN try!”

Substituting negative phrases or words by inserting new, better and more positive terminology can boost our egos, give us a new confidence, and realign our old patterns into new ones. Remember to say it out loud whenever possible!

Say, “I am thinner and thinner!” or “I am healthier every day!”

Substituting good habits to change bad habits is like turning on the light!

Remember, that with substitution we are not just trying to force the darkness in our lives to leave just by willing it. We don’t walk into a room and tell the darkness to go… no! We simply turn on the light!  This is like simple physics.

Don’t try to “get rid of” or “quit doing” or “kill” or “die” or “change” anything. Shine the light within yourself by substituting something positive for what is/was negative – when the life or light is there the law will work.

It is a law of physics that we can turn on the light, but you cannot turn on the darkness! This law can be used symbolically as well… that light must fill the darkness, and not the other way around, give us power over the spiritual or emotional or physical darkness in our lives. This way we can count on a positive way to change bad habits and eliminate them from our lives for good.

Transformation to alter our bad habits into good ones is merely in the small steps that we take all day long… to reinforce the concepts, first, linguistically, and then take advantage of opportunities to follow through.

Changes in the food we eat or the diet plan we keep is no different than changing any other part of our lives.

Small steps…

TALK ABOUT substituting healthy fats for bad ones with other people

SAY OUT LOUD that you are drinking more water instead of eating second portions

EXCLAIM that you are enjoying the food you eat instead of feeling guilty!

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