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Calcium Foods & Vitamin D for Healthy Teeth

What do your teeth tell everyone about you and your diet? First of all, humans do not have carnivore teeth, so we were not meant to shred apart raw meat as our main diet likes wolves do; furthermore, we do not have grass-grinding teeth of herbivores like cows either. Of course, we do not have vampire teeth or we would be meant to be in vampire movies! haha We have omnivorous teeth meant to eat a wide variety of foods from herbs to fruits to vegetables to meats.

Humans are the greatest opportunists, not only eating foods from all regions of the earth, but also the only mammal that can successfully live in all temperate zones and survive, if not thrive. Our teeth are used to chew up food (there are writings attributed to the benefits of chewing enough/properly!) and are considered a source of power in ancient cultures. People who dream of their teeth falling out generally have had an issue of “power loss” or loss of control in their life–I actually experienced this once… very unnerving!

What we can eat is one thing, but what we *should* be eating depends a lot on our genetic heritage. I have Native Indian blood in me, so am prone to diabetes and therefore function better on a diet rich in vegetables, nuts and seeds, with some fish (or lean meats) and fruits (especially berries). A healthy diet not only is good for our bodies, but also our teeth.

Our teeth tell us, and others who see us smile or talk, if we’ve had too much fluoride (fluoride eventually leaches out calcium from our teeth and bones, making them weak, and will put white spots on our teeth and skin–search “fluoride poisoning teeth” on google to see pictures), or too much sugar (I talked with a lady the other day with half her teeth gone, and the other half brown and rotting, due to a lifetime of eating sugary and other unhealthy foods), or too much–or not enough–of “whatever” that could affect the health of our teeth.

Just avoid foods that are bad for you, and focus on the ones that promote health.

Calcium for teeth and bone health

Most people automatically think milk or dairy products are the best source of calcium for our teeth’s strength and health, and they are a decent source for some, but a good many foods exist that are much higher in calcium than dairy, plus some people are allergic to dairy. Not only that, but the calcium in milk is only absorbed by the presence of vitamin D, which is artificially added to milk. There are actually a lot of sources of foods (whether alone or combined) that have high amounts of calcium. Here are a few…

White beans
Canned salmon
Dried figs
Bok choy
Collard greens
Blackstrap molasses
Black-eyed peas
Oranges (or fortified orange juice)
Turnip greens
Sesame seeds (if you use unhulled raw sesame seeds they have, ounce for ounce, more calcium than about any other food on earth!)

Food combining is important if you want to get vitamin D. Aside from getting enough sunlight for a healthy dose of vitamin D, try eating these foods with the above calcium-rich foods at the same time for adequate calcium absorption. Here are the vitamin-D foods list…

Vitamin D foods for bones, teeth, and hair

Shiitake mushrooms (and other medicinal mushrooms)
Button mushrooms (or other common mushrooms)
Sockeye salmon
Cod liver oil

Of course, a couple of the foods above overlap with calcium foods, so if eaten each week can help promote strong bones and teeth; and again, sunshine is also one of your best natural sources of vitamin D.

Help your teeth (and your weight loss) by eating healthy!

Let us know below if you have anything that has helped your teeth through diet…

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