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Part 2: How to Change Bad Habits, by Substitution – FOOD

In Part 1, we covered the SELF-TALK aspect of how you can change bad habits via substitution. Today we cover food, something we all must do, but sometimes abuse. Weight gain and unhealthy practices can be remedied. Using substitution to change bad eating habits into ways that can help people lose weight, or become healthier, is a snap!

Compare these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Cut sugar completely out of your diet. Seriously, cut it out altogether. Then you go to the grocery store and see a cheesecake in the deli that is calling your name, but you *have* to resist it, because after all, your new goal is before you… but… that cheesecake… Oh My God! It looks sooooo good! Just a bite… you buy it and later eat not just one, but TWO pieces!

Scenario 2: Substitute all purchased ready-to-eat sweets/junk food with something healthy and homemade. If you see a cheesecake in the grocery store, purchase the ingredients to make a healthier alternative. Use stevia or Splenda or another natural sweetener with a diabetic recipe for cheesecake (believe it or not, some of these can taste delicious!). Enjoy a piece, and remember to drink water with it so you don’t overeat!

Avoid tee-totaling: abstinence rarely works to change bad habits

Total avoidance and tee-totaling is like abstinence… it rarely works unless you have a super strong will that is made of iron. Most people do not. Substitution, as you see, is a more forgiving way to change bad eating habits, because it helps you develop new habits to REPLACE them.

Replacement is substitution. That way, you are not feeling left out while everyone else is eating things. After a while of this, you will find your diet is more fulfilling, and you can change bad eating habits into better ones.

Some people have migraines or pain associated with their diet, due to unrealized food allergies, or similar. Consider substitution in this area as well by reading Julie Daniluk’s book: Meals that Heal Inflammation: Embrace Healthy Living and Eliminate Pain, One Meal at a Time.

If health is your goal, consider this book for great substitution diet ideas – Susan Smith Jones’ book: Health Bliss: 50 Revitalizing NatureFoods & Lifestyle Choices to Promote Vibrant Health

Substitution of new in place of the old can help us change bad eating habits

Substitution is great for things like losing weight or becoming healthier, where we can choose wiser choices like substituting smaller plates for larger ones, eating brown rice instead of white rice, whole wheat flour instead of white flour, natural sweeteners like agave nectar or stevia instead of white sugar, fruit instead of desserts, or raw vegetables instead  of lifeless-overcooked ones where the vitamins have been boiled out of them.

This way we can feel we are getting something and not denied the delicacies and wonderful enjoyments of the world. We can easily change bad habits of eating junk food by substituting fruit, and vegetable snacks for chips, candy, or soda pop.

For people wanting to eat healthy, or even a raw food diet, by substituting raw foods for junk food, consider Jenny Ross’ book: Raw Basics.

See Part 3: How to Change Bad Habits, by Substitution – EMOTIONAL ISSUES


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