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Amino Acids and Fatty Acids Levels in Low Carb Diets

Metabolism and weight loss often go together, but weight loss due to a very low carbohydrate diet can alter bodily levels of amino acids and fatty acids. Although a very low carb diet can protect individuals against becoming obese, the serum metabolic profiles of individuals may need to be monitored to see just how this process works.

A study was done by Y Gu, A Zhao, et al., at the Center for Translational Medicine, and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Diabetes Mellitus, in Shanghai, China to investigate the effects of an 8-week period using a diet very low in carbs for obese patients; their serum metabolic profiles were examined in the process.

The intervention diet, involving very low carbohydrates, resulted in weight loss an “significantly decreased homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance.” Metabolites were identified and attributed to “fatty acids, amino acids including branched chain amino acids, amines, lipids, carboxylic acids, and carbohydrates in obese subjects compared to healthy controls.”

Differences in females and males were observed in the results, and the three things that increased in the obese patients (compared to normal/healthy subjects) were:

amino acids
fatty acids
carboxylic acids

Because the serum metabolites were at increased levels after the very low carb diet, the researchers suggested that the health benefits associated with the low carb diet was associated with the impaired metabolism of the fatty acids and amino acids.

The diet also induced “significant metabolic alterations independent of the obesity-related metabolic changes,” which involved the oxidation and inflammation processes.

The results of the diet and testing showed that after the very low carbohydrate diet, there were “favorable shifts in fatty acids and amino acids … in obese subjects, which should be considered biomarkers for evaluating health beneficial effects” of these kinds of diets.

This is good news for obese people who need to lose weight and improve health since low carb diets are shown to help in this capacity.


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